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ISP’s exaggerate prices data traffic

Fresh from a research, done by a cooperation between BBC, Blinkbox, Channel 4, Skype and Yahoo. It has become evident that internet providers exaggerate the costs of data traffic. Data traffic is rising sky high with more movies and chatting on the internet. ISP's are trying to get more profitable by claiming that heavy websites or services, like Skype, WhatsApp or Youtube need to pay for the traffic they generate.

This research has concluded that the costs for data traffic are only a small percentage of the total costs, like show below in the figure.  New developments in technology also provide for a future decrease of costs. The research is mainly focused on wired networks. Wireless networking has higher costs, but the price the consumer has to pay is a lot higher than the costs of the data traffic.

For more information about this research, you can download the research here: Plum_October2011_The_open_internet_-_a_platform_for_growth




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